Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Different Approach With Marketing

So, I was recently finding myself more than a bit annoyed with Apple's new "If you don't have an iPhone" commercials, where they repeatedly remind you what you're missing if you don't have one.  Makes me almost want to grab for the remote the moment I hear it coming on.

But, recently they aired their first commercial for the iPad 2, and I have to say, as an iPad 2 owner, I think it strikes the perfect tone.  What I also found interesting, was how different it was from the commercial for the Motorola XOOM.  I mean... take a look at them both below.

Apple iPad 2 CommercialMotorola XOOM Commercial

[Voice over from the ad]

This is what we believe.
Technology alone is not enough.
Faster... thinner... lighter.
Those are all good things.
But when technology gets out of the way.
Everything becomes more delightful.
Even magical.
That's when you leap forward.
That's when you end up with something...
like this.

[iPad 2.]
[Voice over from the ad]

The Motorola XOOM tablet.
With the velocity of a 1 Ghz dual core processor.
3D graphics engine. Gyroscope.
And a widescreen HD display.
Grab it, and it grabs you.
Only at Verizon.

[Motorola XOOM with Google]
[Rule the Air]
[Verizon - In Stores Now]

Motorola XOOM Verizon ad
The commercial for the Motorola XOOM still fascinates me, because it says a lot about who they think their customers are, and who they think they're NOT. As the 2011 parade of competitive large screen tablets start production and ship from companies like Samsung, HP, Toshiba, LG and many others this year, it will be fascinating to see what their advertisements say about them.

The difference between sizzle and steak I think.